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How a New Vascular Procedure Gave Tim New Freedom

Apr 09, 2021

How a New Vascular Procedure Gave Tim New Freedom

Tim Hibbard’s health was a danger to his safety.

He felt trapped, like he had lost his freedom. His life was restricted, and his options limited. Dr. Muhammad Tipu Rishi, vascular surgeon, had to intervene.

He recommended a cutting-edge surgery: the first of its kind in the area—and the reason Tim reclaimed his life.

Back at square one

Tim had a carotid endarterectomy performed to treat his carotid-artery disease and reduce his risk of a stroke. This procedure removes fatty, waxy deposits (plaque) from the carotid arteries, the blood vessels in the side of the neck.  

Four months after the procedure, one of Tim’s carotid arteries clogged back up.

This effected his health in dangerous ways. He didn’t feel good. He didn’t have much energy and fell often.

Tim found himself back at square one.

“Any time I would put my hands over my head or up in the air I would get dizzy and fall down,” Tim says. “I wasn’t able to keep my balance, and I fell down a lot.”

Something needed to be done to prevent injury and lower his risk of stroke.  

Removing the clog

Dr. Rishi had an idea for a different type of surgery. He scheduled Tim for a Transcarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR) at Kettering Medical Center: the first in the Dayton region.

TCAR is a surgical procedure used to treat plaque in the carotid artery. Unlike the carotid endarterectomy, TCAR is minimally invasive.

Dr. Rishi recommended Tim have this procedure because he had scar tissue from his previous surgery. Tim would have less of a risk of a stroke than with traditional procedures.

Using the TCAR procedure, Dr. Rishi removed Tim’s clog without putting his safety at greater risk.

An improvement in health

The surgery was a success, and Tim feels better than ever. This new minimally invasive surgery gave Tim his life and freedom back.

“I felt like it was a great alternative to the first surgery,” he says. “I didn’t have any issues with it. I’m doing wonderful.”

The impact of passionate care

Tim was pleased with the care he received throughout this process.

“It means the world to me,” Tim says. “The level of care you get is beyond. These people go out of their way. They make it seem like it’s routine, but you know it’s not. You can’t help but to appreciate that.”

Reducing stroke risk

Are you at risk of a stroke? Check your risk before you face an emergency.