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Kettering Health Network Launches New MyChart Features

Apr 01, 2021

Kettering Health Network Launches New MyChart Features

Kettering Health Network launched new features within its MyChart app for inpatients and those visiting an emergency center.

The "On My Way" function gives users the ability to let emergency centers know when the patient will arrive and why they're seeking care. It also helps emergency care teams to have advance notice of incoming inpatients and their conditions—all with a goal of lowering wait times.

This feature can be accessed through the "Find Care Now" section of the app. 

"Technology has changed how our patients access information, as well as how our staff can better serve our communities," said Anthony Brown, director of Application Services for Kettering Health Network. "These MyChart updates are part of our goal to give patients a more personalized, high-quality experience."

In addition to "On My Way," the network added access to additional information for inpatients. The bedside information is part of an ongoing rollout at eight hospitals that will be completed by early June. Through the new beside section, inpatients will have access to important information about their stay: 

  • Your Hospital Stay: States the diagnosis for admission and information about the patient's condition
  • Medications: Shows medications given during the patient's stay and when the patient can expect to take their medication
  • Taking Care of You: Shows a complete list of the patient's care team
  • Happening Soon: Shows upcoming medication administration times, planned surgeries, and upcoming appointments
  • Education: Features informational articles to help patients understand their diagnosis, procedures, and medications to help the patient be more informed about their care
  • Test Results: Shows non-sensitive information about results

Loved ones with proxy access will also be able to see this information via the MyChart app.