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Kettering Health Network celebrates opening of Troy Hospital

May 15, 2019

Kettering Health Network celebrates opening of Troy Hospital

Providing access to quality health care for individuals in local communities is paramount to Kettering Health Network and is the reason they are opening their newest location in Miami County.

With anticipated service starting in June, the new three-story, 150,000-square-foot Troy Hospital will provide vital care within the community for the residents in and around Troy.

“The Troy facility is designed to provide health care access close to home, literally downtown,” said Eric Lunde, president of Troy Hospital. “Now residents have the choice to come to a Kettering Health Network facility that is close by.”

The network’s first facility in the area, Troy Hospital will provide 24/7 emergency care, cancer care, cardiac testing, inpatient services, lab and imaging services, physician offices, and surgical care—all essential services when and where people need them most.

Troy Hospital will include inpatient beds, an intensive care unit, operating rooms, and multiple pre-operative and post-operative care beds. In addition, the hospital will offer telehealth for services such as behavioral health, stroke, hand trauma, and dietetics, adding a virtual aspect of care in evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for some patients.”

As an expansion of Kettering Physician Network Primary Care—Upper Valley, which has served the Troy community for nearly 40 years, the medical office building within the downtown facility will house Kettering Physician Network primary care physicians, with plans to include additional specialty providers, 40 exam rooms, and two procedure rooms.

Health care when you need it, close to home

When someone requires medical treatment, making a trip to a neighboring city to receive care compounds an already stressful situation. If a person’s recovery involves hospitalization, family members and friends have a commute to make in order to communicate with doctors and provide support.

“We want to create access points for communities as close to home as possible,” says Lunde. “There is a ‘Kettering culture of care’ people know and request, and we want to bring that to Miami County communities.”

Responding to the needs and concerns of the community is so important to Kettering Health Network administrators that Troy Hospital’s original building plans were adjusted to address needs specific to the community.

Constructing a structure is only part of the process of building a hospital. Creating a culture of trust and hope is what equates to exceptional care.

“When folks arrive at a hospital with a health care need, they most often come because something is wrong,” Lunde said. “They often enter our facility with pain, exhaustion, and fear of the unknown.”

Lunde describes the unspoken conversation that happens when someone comes to a hospital.

“There is an exchange that takes place when someone walks through our doors,” Lunde said. “They give us their sacred trust—trust for themselves or their loved one.”

“Care for the individual and understanding of that sacred trust is what allows for the body, mind, and spirit connection that facilitates healing, Lunde said.

“If we forget about sacred trust, it’s just a pretty building,” he observed. “It doesn’t do anything unless we take time to hear when a person walks in and says, ‘I’m hurting, what can you do for me?’”

If you are interested in learning more about Kettering Health Network’s newest location, you’re invited to attend the community open house at Troy Hospital (600 W. Main St., Troy) on Sunday, June 9, from 1:30-4:30 p.m. This free event will feature refreshments, tours, emergency vehicle exploration, a health fair, prizes, giveaways, and more. Click here for more information.